How to Make Supermarket Shopping Enjoyable

Supermarket shopping – it is among my forced-favorite hobbies. lol. I think I have learned to love it as my weekly two-hour trips to the supermarket are probably the only break-from-home moments which I’m guaranteed to have every week. I know most of you – if you’re a parent or a guardian – also do grocery shopping in your local supermarket – not unless you have a shopper or a household helper who does it for you. Considering that such activity is an essential part of our lives, let me give you some tips on how to make the activity a fun experience…

Know what you came for
You should know what you want to buy before heading to the supermarket. Most people would recommend the use of a shopping list – and I do too – but I know that there are people who hate the need to prepare such. If you are one of them, then just make it a point to roam around the house, check the supplies, and make a mental note of what should be bought before you head to the supermarket. On your way to the supermarket, think about the meals you’d want to have for the next weeks. At the grocery store, try to compute what your buying and compare it to your budget… You see? It would be easier for you if you did make a shopping list, right?

Know where you’re headed
Choose one local supermarket which offers the best brands and grocery items at the most affordable price. Generally, you can get better deals if you buy in bulk. Try to pick a supermarket where shopping would be convenient and safe, and the area is spacious. Now aside from knowing which supermarket to go to, you have to work on memorizing where your fave brands and grocery items are placed. This will help you go through the “traffic” easily.

Know when your fave brands and needed items are on sale
Many of you have probably noticed it – almost all items will be on sale – they are just “in rotation” and you have to wait for their turn on the Sale aisle. If you’re into buying discount deals, try to take note of this schedule. Also, before buying anything – especially pre-packed grocery item sets, make sure you’ll really be getting a discount. Compute for the actual price of each item first. In addition to that, learn to avoid buying plenty of something (in dozens or more) if you only need one.

Know what “challenges” are present and deal with them
Let’s state some supermarket shopping facts – (a) You need to do some budgeting so bring your calculator or compute at home; (b) The line to the cashier could be long and winding so you need to bring something that will entertain you like your iPod? ; (c) You’ll be leaving the place with lots of grocery items so you should bring lots of eco bags, your car – or your stroller.

Know when to go to the supermarket
Try to visit the supermarket when it’s NOT crowded – especially if you bring your kids when you go grocery shopping. Avoid paydays and avoid after office-hours. I’d like to say avoid Sale day but then again, that’s when the good stuff are available. Try to go very early or very late because sometimes they have deals for early birds and those who are almost the last to leave.

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