Marriage: An Open Letter to Husbands who take their Good Wives for Granted

Please APPRECIATE your wife

Realize that your home cannot be a home without her.

Without her, your house would probably look like a dump devastated by a hurricane. Without her, you won’t be eating good food and you’ll probably be wearing worn and dirty clothes every day.

Without her, you’ll probably feel and look 20 years more your age (and you’re probably suffering from a disabling sickness), thanks to all the stresses and pressures of child rearing and home-making.

Realize that your role as a husband goes beyond giving part of your income for the household expenses.

She needs more than that. She DESERVES more than that. She can probably make money – make more money than you – on her own if she didn’t have to stay at home and handle the more important stuff, and that is to take care of your kids and your home.

Realize that providing for your family is among your responsibilities as a parent and a spouse. It’s not a sacrifice.

Your wife doesn’t owe you when you provide for her and the kids.It’s your fair contribution for the betterment of your family. Realize that she is also doing her share.

Please RESPECT your wife

Realize that she has her own set of beliefs, values, and her own opinions.

She shouldn’t be forced to figuratively bow down to you and say ‘Yes’ to your every  demand or decision. Please LISTEN to her and acknowledge her when she has something to say because she listens to you too. Her thoughts, feelings, and opinions matter, just like yours.

Realize that your wife has her own wonderful qualities, which makes her a beautiful being all on her own. She can achieve tons of things and be whoever she wants to be, even without you.

Please treat your wife as your FRIEND and PARTNER

Realize that she is your most loyal and loving friend. You can and you should TRUST her.

She’s your BEST FRIEND who has been there – and will be there for you through your ups and downs. She’s your friend who only wants the best for you and your family.

She’s your friend who has probably seen, forgiven, and accepted all your shortcomings and you at your worst… but she is still there for you, she still loves you, and she will probably stay with you until you both grow old.

Please CHERISH your wife

Realize that your wife just wants the simplest of things you tend to forget doing.

You probably have forgotten that she needs your attention.

Yes, you may be very busy but it wouldn’t hurt to spare a few minutes of your so-called precious time to try and ask her how her day went. She would love to share simple stories with you – about your kids, about her cooking, the groceries, the house, the news, and other stuff you might find boring.

Please listen. She will really appreciate it if you can just spare a bit of your time to listen to her.

You probably have forgotten that she wants to spend time with you.

Realize that she would be overjoyed if you can skip some of your nights with your boy-friends or your work obsession, and insteadgo on a date, do a movie marathon, go on a joy ride, have a romantic walk in the park, or just cuddle in bed with her.

You probably have forgotten that she loves to feel your touch.

Your wife probably yearns for a sweet good morning or good night kiss, that tight protective hug, and that certain endearing look with a spark in your eyes that would make her feel like she’s the prettiest in the world.

Your wife would love to have you hold her hands tight when she’s anxious or scared. She would love to have you kiss her in the forehead when she’s weary.

You probably don’t realize this, but being touched by you in a loving and caring way makes her the happiest. Those intimate moments she shares with you give her a reason to smile throughout the day.

Please LOVE your wife

Remember those days when you first met your wife and you were head over heels in love with her. Remember the feeling. Remember why you fell in love with her and why you decided to give up your bachelor life for her. Remember the promises you made. Remember your vows. Remember you and her. Remember why she is THE ONE.

Now imagine life without her.

If you can’t, if you would be devastated and torn without her, please start showing her what she means to you. Give her a reason to be with you.

Appreciate her.

Respect her.

Trust her.

Cherish her.

Love your wife in the truest sense.

Believe me, you would be the happiest if you have a happy wife.

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